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Steer / Veer, Galleri Flach

18.05 - 06, 2019

Opening May 18th 12am-4pm 
Konstakademiens hus, Stockholm
Jakobsgatan 27 C / Fredsgatan 12, 4th floor

Release of the publication Klockspelet


Research Week at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm  

Performance of the text manuskriptet with Lina Bjerneld, Andreas Mangione and RIA students Sarali Borg and Fatima Kassius. Reflection upon the text “Reproducerbarhetens estetik” by Lars Erik Hjertström Lappalainen.

The presentation originates from Lina Bjerneld’s recently published publication Klockspelet. The publication is a summary of several years of work dealing with the question about the reproducibility of painting. Already at an early stage, Bjerneld had an interest for the unit of a painting and the relations surrounding it. Since then this has become an active part of how she approaches her work with painting and installation. In the presentation the texts manuskriptet, samtalen and texten will be staged and performed by Bjerneld and the participants of the project.

The project is funded by the Swedish Arts Grants 


Klockspelet/ Carillion,
galleri Kronan

13.10.18 - 28.10.18

Opening on Oct 13 12-4pm
Trädgårdsgatan 13

Show and tell, Malmö Konstmuseum  

30.09.17- 07.01.2018

Malmö Konstmuseum
VII Lina Bjerneld, Eva Löfdahl, Torsten Andersson

During the twentieth century a number of artists have expired the connections between painting space and object- painting as a practice of creating an illusion, and its relationship to the room, but also the painting itself as an object. There are a number of points of commonality between Lina Bjerneld, Eva Löfdahl and Torsten Andersson. Their work is characterized by different kinds of tangibility, each a response to the conceptual collapse that art went through in the late twentieth century.