“Working with painting and drawing, Lina Bjernelds interests occur from a self-reflexive practice using the medium to understand and comment on social, political, and psychological phenomena. A painting practice that uses installation to emphasize a state but also for a spatial understanding of the work as not separated parts but a larger totality.
Her research explores the endless possibilities of the figure and form for emotional, social or political states of mind. The practice has a historical recognition of painting in its material and methods. By appropriation, re-evaluation and an accumulated reworking of imagery, objects and genres, new interpretations and readings of paintings established visual languages and iconography can emerge. 
Other research interest is paintings close relation to commodity and how to emphasize its possibilities to take part in society in different ways. Seeking Interest in countercultures visuality and how painting performative nature can be configured.”

”Lina Bjernelds måleriska sökande för henne genom de personliga associationernas och berättelsernas landskap. Motiviskt rör hon sig mellan uttryckets ytterligheter, utan att förlora sitt konstnärliga fingeravtryck. De sällsamheter och poetiska frestelser som måleriet bjuder tar hon varsamt tillvara och placerar sedan de olika verken I kärv lust I en dialog som även innefattar rummet.”
Motivering till Sven Xet Erixson stipendiet

Bjerneld received an MFA (2008) from the Royal Institute of Fine Arts in Stockholm. She is a Professor in Painting and Drawing at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm and represented in the collections of Modern Museum of Art in Stockholm and Malmö Konstmuseum. Recent exhibitions include Bonniers konsthall, Stockholm (SE) in 2020. Solo presentation at Konstakademien, Stockholm (SE). She is currently working on her research project The Institute of Reproducibility funded by RIA.


Studio contact:
Jakobdalsgatan 15 A

© photo: Märta Thisner