The crisis in the Swedish art world, as a consequence of the covid-19 pandemic and the forced or voluntary isolation experienced by us all, is a reminder that alone we do not feel particularly good. Therefore, five art organisations — Bonniers Konsthall, hangmenProjects, Index, Mint and Signal — are experimenting with a joint project and together have produced the exhibition I Am Not One. SHAREPRINT

Artists: Anna Andersson, Cara Tolmie, Isak Sundström, Jakob Krajcik, Jenny Bergma, Lina Bjerneld, Magnus Thierfelder Tzotzis, Nacho Tatjer, Nanna Nordströ, Nathalie Gabrielsson, Roxy Farhat, Stephen McKenzie, Susanna Jablonski, Zhou Tao

The pandemic is not the theme of this exhibition, but its origin. Through an associative chain of thought, a number of works and artists have been selected by the respective parties. Rather than a concordant curatorial argument, the exhibition can be considered a kind of montage. The works offer angles of approach to the situation we find ourselves in right now. Art is a place for collaborative thinking and it does not back away from what is difficult. Instead of presenting answers or solutions, art allows us to remain with the complicated and paradoxical that permeates our world: existentially, poetically and materially.